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Discover Big Rocket, an award-winning branding agency Portsmouth. With over 10 years experience, we build Portsmouth brands and turn them into successful businesses.


An award-winning branding agency Portsmouth

Big Rocket are an award-winning branding agency Portsmouth serving Hampshire, the UK and beyond. We help launch new brands and evolve existing ones and take them to a happier, more profitable place.

Our unique approach to branding in Portsmouth has helped launch new businesses beyond their expected first year goals and has created modern icons that are now well-known among their target audience.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established brands. Brands in Portsmouth as well as the rest of the world choose Big Rocket as their branding agency of choice for our expertise and historic success.

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Luxury travel brand

Luxury Train Tickets

A brand new luxury train travel agency based in Portsmouth. We helped date the brand from £0 to £159,000 in their first year (during a pandemic).

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Luxury Train Tickets Business Cards
Scandi lifestyle brand


A Scandi lifestyle brand from London contacted us to help them refine their branding and take their business from bricks-and-mortar to online.

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Cake delivery brand

Gifty Cakes

Gifty Cakes contacted us from Italy to help launch their start-up. Webuilt a staple brand for this fun, local cake delivery service.

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Gifty Cakes Box

Branding is more than a logo

Customers judge your entire business in a fraction of a second. They decide how they feel about your brand, and once they have decided, it’s very difficult to change their initial perception. That’s why branding is exceptionally important as it is the first and most important communication with your audience.

Brands communicate through design, every font, colour, image and tone fo voice of your content all create a persona of a brand that must resonate with your audience and convert them into customers.

A brand is nothing without bespoke branding.

How it works

Before we even pick up a pencil, we take the time to get to know you, your brand and where you want to be. We take the time to understand what your business goals are and work backwards to map-out a route to get you there. Once we understand you, we then take a deeper look at your audience and what resonates to increase our chances of conversion. We also take a look at your competitors, and once we know what they are doing, we can figure out how to do everything better.

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Why Big Rocket

No templates, no account managers, we do things different at Big Rocket. We understand that every business is different and therefore there is no template to creating perfect branding. When you work with us, you are receiving a bespoke service tailored to your business. You are given access to your very own branding team you can call on at any time, and once the project is complete, you’re given far more than a few logo files, you are given a roadmap to your brand’s success.

Best Branding Agency Portsmouth

We work with Portsmouth brands to create new and evolved identities that reflect your company in the best possible light. Big Rocket offer a wide range of branding services including logo design, corporate identity, brand strategy, colour selection, tone of voice as well as packaging and point of sale. We work closely with you to encompass the essence of what your brand stands for and what makes your brand different from your competitors.

Branding is the most crucial part of any business and we are experts in the creative and strategic end goal.


The guys at Big Rocket are knowledgable but communicate in a way that makes sense. After working with them for just a few weeks, they felt like a part of my own team.

Raffaele Tardio

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