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Big Rocket are a leading creative and branding design agency. Our mission is to give brands a strong, visual identity that evokes their values and communicates to their audience. We build & evolve brands through memorable creative and unique design that evokes emotion.


Brands communicate through design

In a fraction of a second, your audience will decide how they feel about your brand, business or product simply by looking at your identity. This judgement is either positive or negative making the branding you choose the single most important part of your overall communication.

The visual cues your brand evokes is far more than just about a logo. Colours, fonts, imagery, attitude, tone of voice all play a part in building a persona of your brand. All of these factors must work together to communicate with your audience in a way that they see as positive.

Branding is the base on everything else is built.

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Evoke a positive response

Branding isn’t just about a great looking logo, it’s about creating a connection between your brand and your audience. Before a customer has read a single line of copy or clicked on any of your links, they are deciding whether they like you or not, purely based on what your brand communicates to them and the way it is doing so. That’s why we work backwards; we know your audience first, know what speaks to them the best and tailor your brand to what they regard as being positive.

Positive Response to Branding
Brand Loyalty

Brands build loyalty

Converting one customer is great. Creating a loyal customer for life is even better. When branding a business, brand or product, our goal is to build trust and long term relationships with audiences through visual cues created by branding.

Get noticed

It’s a competitive world out there, especially online, this makes branding more important than ever. A brand has to communicate in a way that gets noticed by it’s audience and the way we do that is through creative and unique design. Colours, fonts, shapes, patterns, imagery all play a part in building the visual identity of a brand that needs to stand out if it is to get noticed.

Be remembered

The best brands aren’t just the most successful, they are also the most memorable. Brands stay in our minds for a variety of reasons, but once we’ve seen them we never forget them. The most successful brands are those that have communicated with us directly and that we have accepted as being the best. And once a brand is in our memory bank, when we’re in the market for a product they offer, we know exactly who to go to.

Luxury travel agency

Luxury Train Tickets

A brand new luxury train journey agency that wanted to shake up the industry. The brief was to look opulent without looking dated.

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Luxury Train Tickets Business Cards
Gifty Cakes Box
Cake delivery brand

Gifty Cakes

Cakes are often associated with celebrations, which is why Gifty Cakes needed to evoke the positive feeling of eating cake before it’s even arrived.

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Lifestyle brand


NORSK needed to evoke Scandi style in a multitude of different situations from digital branding to physical packaging.

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