Big Rocket are Webflow Partners

After being recognised for our high-quality Webflow websites, we are excited to announce that we are now Webflow Profesional Partners!

April 19, 2021
Big Rocket are Webflow Professional Partners

Big Rocket are now Webflow Professional Partners! After being recognised for our use of Webflow and the high-quality websites we produce using this incredible design tool, we are now officially partnered with Webflow.

We join just 200 or so designers and agencies in the world that have been recognised by Webflow and invited to become official partners. What this means is we are now among the top 200 Webflow agencies in the world!

After a process that took weeks of showing previous projects, our design process and having our work analysed by Webflow themselves, we were given the great news that we have made it on to the Webflow Partners program.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a cloud-based tool we use to build websites. We love it because it combines the best of both design and development into a single tool our teams use together. Our clients love it because it makes updating websites and adding new content super easy.

Powered by Amazon Cloudfront, hosted by Fastly and meeting new HTTP/2 standards, Webflow is incredibly fast.

In fact, Webflow uses the same hosting setup as:

And many more big names. If it's fast and reliable enough for them, think about what it will do to your own website!

While Webflow doesn't have plugins in the same sense as WordPress, it is compatible with many third-party toolkits, meaning whatever you need a Webflow website to do, it can do it.

Here at Big Rocket, we're big fans of for Ecommerce websites. Unlike Shopify and other Ecommerce platforms, the combination of Webflow and Foxy allows us to design beautiful stores with all the flexibility we need.

Webflow still uses code and still uses the same building blocks that all modern day websites use. The main difference is the interface promotes a 'design-first' approach to building websites and helps conceptualise designs much faster.

It is definitely not similar to Wix nor Wordpress. Wix is aimed at those who want to build websites using drag and drop elements but without the ability for full customisation. Wordpress on the other hand started off as a blogging platform that requires apps and plugins to build functioning websites.

Webflow is the new standard in how websites are designed, developed and maintained with ease.

A Webflow Partner you can trust

Becoming a Webflow Professional Partner is yet another reason why clients can trust Big Rocket for creating exceptional websites that not only look good, but perform beyond all expectations.

In order to qualify as a Webflow Professional Partner, we have had to demonstrate the websites we create are clean, quick and beautiful. We've had our websites tested, our code inspected and the result is we were worthy of the Webflow Partners title.

For us, this is recognition of our efforts from the company that built the tool we love the most. For our clients, this is yet another reason to choose Big Rocket for your next web project.

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